How the Cleanliness of Your House Impacts Your Health

How the Cleanliness of Your House Impacts Your Health

Dealing with work, kids, and errands can put home cleaning on the backburner. And yet, even if it’s difficult to find time for the many repetitive tasks that go into keeping a neat space, ignoring them can have a negative effect on your quality of life. The guide below explains some of the consequences of letting messes linger.

4 Health Repercussions of a Messy Home

1. It Triggers Allergic Reactions

Dust contains a variety of allergens, including dust mites, insect remains, rodent excrement, pet dander, pollen, and mold spores.

It triggers sneezing, coughing, nose-blowing, congestion, and eye-watering when it’s allowed to accumulate on surfaces and under furniture throughout your home. Those with asthma may have attacks triggered by too much dust.

By contrast, clean homes smell fresher and allow everyone to breathe more easily.

2. It Creates Stress

Research repeatedly shows the direct link between clutter and stress. Piles of paper and clothes, disorganized closets, cabinets, and tables, and other unkempt areas of your home irritate and distract the mind, making it challenging to relax or focus.

It can also lead to feelings of guilt because you assume you “should be” focused on home cleaning when you are engaged in other activities.

3. It Can Cause Nervous System Damage

Lack of home cleaning and maintenance can lead to mold growth, such as when leaking pipes under cabinets aren’t taken care of or there’s too much moisture in dirty ductwork.

And while not all mold species are dangerous, others such as black mold can cause central nervous system damage when exposure is prolonged. Headaches, breathing difficulties, fatigue, fever, and chest colds are also signs of severe black mold exposure.

4. It Affects Sleep

Studies show that clutter can negatively impact sleep. Without restful sleep, the body and mind do not get the opportunity to recharge and refresh, resulting in irritability and even depression during waking hours.

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