How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Many people don’t think about getting their carpets deep cleaned until they experience issues like mold or constant allergy symptoms. However, your carpet is used daily and deserves the same degree of care and maintenance you give the rest of your home. Here’s why having them professionally cleaned is important, and how often you should be scheduling service. 

Why Keeping Carpets Clean Is Important

Getting your carpet cleaned is not only important for the look of your home. The fibers collect pet dander, allergens, and pollutants that can trigger allergic reactions like sneezing and coughing.

Getting a deep clean at least once a year will also help extend the lifespan of the material, since accumulated particles can break down the fibers over time. Your flooring or rug is an investment, so maintaining it will save money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

A professional-grade steamer is the best option for the job. It sanitizes the area without using too much moisture, which could otherwise cause mold and mildew. While you can rent a carpet steamer yourself, hiring professionals means you will get a thorough clean without the additional work.

How Often to Clean Your Carpet

Vacuuming at least twice a week will help remove many of the accumulated debris in your carpet, but getting a professional deep clean is recommended at least once a year to remove trapped particles and odors.

If you have young children or pets, you may need this service more often. Pets shed hair and dander, which are common allergy triggers. Toddlers, on the other hand, will be exposed to trapped contaminants more often as they crawl and play on carpeting. To keep your indoor air clean and your family comfortable, schedule professional service twice a year.

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