4 Common House Cleaning Mistakes

4 Common House Cleaning Mistakes

On average, Americans spend six hours a week tidying, cleaning, and scrubbing their homes. However, with limited knowledge and other responsibilities to manage, many people could be cleaning incorrectly. The guide below offers more insight to help avoid some of the most common home cleaning mistakes.

What to Avoid While Cleaning Your House

1. Vacuuming Floors First

With home cleaning, you may be tempted to start with the floors. However, it’s better to wipe down all of your other surfaces first. When you wipe off tables, chairs, desks, and other furniture, you spread tiny particles of dust and grime throughout the room. These particles eventually settle on your floor. If you vacuum after wiping down, you’ll pick up all of the surface and carpet dust at the same time.

2. Scrubbing Off Carpet Spills

The moment something spills, it’s common to want to aggressively scrub it up, but carpets suffer every time they are cleaned this way. Scrubbing rips apart the carpet fibers and causes permanent damage. The next time you have to clean a spill, dab the spot softly with a paper towel or rag and apply some stain remover. This approach preserves your carpet and confines the stain to its original spot.

3. Wiping Surfaces With Dry Rags

It’s time to ditch your drawers full of old, scratchy rags. Most of the time, rags can’t pick up tiny particles of dust and dirt, so instead of cleaning these surfaces, you’re moving dust from one spot to another. It’s best to use microfiber towels to wipe off surfaces. Dust and grime cling easily to these towels, and they’re an affordable option for the majority of home cleaning needs.

4. Cleaning Inconsistently

Many working professionals squeeze in cleaning whenever they have a free moment. While some cleaning is better than none, the best way to keep a home tidy is to create a schedule and stick to it. For example, you might focus on deep cleaning your kitchen one day of the week, move to bathrooms the next day, then bedrooms, and so on. A schedule is one of the best ways to ensure that every part of your house is taken care of.

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