3 Home Cleaning Tasks to Accomplish Before Vacation

3 Home Cleaning Tasks to Accomplish Before Vacation

If you have an upcoming getaway planned, you’re probably thinking about packing, travel arrangements, and getting to your destination so you can finally unwind. But before you depart, plan on a thorough home cleaning. Taking care of the key tasks below will ensure you come back to a clean environment without any unpleasant surprises that will undo your vacation-inspired good mood.

What to Clean Around the House Before Your Next Trip

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas to address before you leave your home. It’s here that any leftover traces of food could attract pests, such as fruit flies or roaches.

Take out the trash just before you leave, and ideally, make sure there are no trash bags left in or around your home.

Toss any leftovers and wipe down refrigerator surfaces, too. Finally, thoroughly clean the countertops and sinks.

2. Bathroom Sanitizing

Like the kitchen, bathrooms can breed grime, bacteria, and even mold if they aren’t thoroughly cleaned before you leave. For this reason, scrub down your fixtures, including the sinks, toilets, and bathtub or shower.

Leave your bathroom door open when you depart the house, as keeping it closed could prevent proper ventilation. Mildew thrives in dark, damp, and enclosed locations and is not a smell you want to come back to.

3. Dusting & Vacuuming

Finally, keep your home’s surfaces fresh by performing a thorough dusting and vacuuming before you leave.

It’s possible your home will still accumulate a minimal amount of dust in your absence, but it often comes from inhabitants and outdoor particles. Thus, eradicating particle buildup from your home’s surfaces and flooring now will enable you to come back to a fresh-smelling home.

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